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Dirty Business – The Book about Fighting Trafficking

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Dirty Business – Stop Trafficking. Stop Abuse. Stop Molesting women and children.

The tale of Debra is one of survival, resilience, and triumph. At just five years old, she and her mother flee to Korea to escape a dangerous and abusive stepfather, only for tragedy to strike as her mother is brutally killed. Forced to fend for herself on the streets, Debra turns to a life of crime, becoming a skilled pickpocket and eventually rising to the rank of right-hand to the local mafia boss. But Debra’s journey is far from over.

Thirteen years later, she joins the army and is sent to Afghanistan, only to be captured by a Russian KGB operative. Tortured for weeks, she is rescued by an American outlaw and a former mercenary, setting off on a dangerous adventure that takes her from the mountains of Afghanistan over Santa Monica and London to Vlöre in Albania..

Meanwhile, Debra’s sisters Lenora and Angelica have suffered their own trials and tribulations, from abuse and homelessness to addiction and human trafficking. But through a series of unlikely events, the sisters are finally brought together after nineteen years apart.

Yet even as they heal and find love, a mystery lingers. Where is their real father, and what secrets is he hiding? This is a story of violence, corruption, and exploitation, but also of strength, resilience, and the power and love of family.

How can we stop human trafficking?

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I lowered my arms and straightened my back.
- Do you live here?
- We are Bosnians from Serbia, but we were stolen and sent here to work.
- Wut??? Stolen? You mean abducted?
Before he could answer, I heard a low voice behind me.
- ми недостаје мама, the youngest interrupted. I turned my head, and the little boy sat with tears in his eyes, looking deeply into the empty air in front of him. The only word I understood was mama, but his tiny trembling voice left me a brain tattoo I will never get rid of as long as I live.
- недостаје ми мама на небу.
I looked back at the oldest boy.
- What did he say? I asked almost in panic as I had a hunch where this went.
- He misses his mama in heaven, he said.
Now it was my turn to get terrified. What the fuck was this? A concentration camp for kids?

1 review for Dirty Business – The Book about Fighting Trafficking

  1. Amy Williams

    Best book ever about family and trafficking!

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