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Facts about Survival and Trafficking

Human Trafficking, child labor and sex slaves.

by | Mar 4, 2019

The Wrath of an Angel

This is my story about being trafficked. I was taken from London and ended up in Albania in a brothel with ten other girls for several months. Being forced to sell your body to filthy strangers is extremely humiliating. It will damage your soul for the rest of your life. Trafficking is one of the biggest problems the world faces today. Trafficking, war, climate change and poverty are the dark scourge of the world.


What Is Trafficking?

Trafficking is real! Very, very real! The chances of you knowing someone who is secretly involved in trafficking are much higher than you want to believe. It could be one of your classmates who picks up women in airports or clubs. It could be the amateur photographer in your street. It could be your nice uncle who has child porn on his computer. It could be the local strip club that manages a handful of girls under the cover of being dancers. Maybe the geek next door is the administrator on the dating sites that pick up women. Maybe your neighbour’s van is used for transporting women or stolen children. Maybe you know people in customs or local police that are paid to look the other way.

I was lucky. Very, very lucky. Partly because I refused to give up and partly because my loving sisters found me! Almost no one escapes a trafficking ring mostly because the other girls are punished and raped if someone tries to escape.


Human Trafficking is the fastest growing business in the world!

Human Trafficking is a problem! A HUGE problem! And it is growing! It is the fastest growing business in the entire world! There are a few reasons for that.

  1. Drugs, illegal guns, and stolen cars can only be sold once. Women and children can be sold over and over again!
  2. Unfortunately, there is a market for this: Cheap labour, organ sales, illegal adoption, child soldiers, forced marriages, forced prostitution, etc.
  3. Unfortunately, there are people without any conscience that are willing to profit from other people’s sufferings. Ie. the traffickers themselves, corrupt politicians, law enforcement, and people who are silent about what they know. Braindead (or heart dead) people who want to profit regardless of other human’s sufferings.
  4. Poverty.
  5. Remote areas and bad legislation make it easy to hide from law enforcement.


Pickup methods for trafficking.

There are a number of ways to snatch people. Most people are lured into a trap they can’t escape but kids are often just physically stolen. Earlier women were picked up in foreign countries and trafficked far away from home to make it hard to escape. But some traffickers found it much easier to pick up travelling women. There are a lot of young women who want to travel and see the world before settling down and it is much cheaper to pick them up in bars, holiday resorts and clubs in the country they visit. This saves a lot of transportation, and expenses to fake passports and local pick up people can drop women close to the pickup place which minimizes travel expenses a lot. The methods are:

  1. Young female travellers are being approached by a young charming male who lures them to a place where they are held back.
  2. Children are being snatched from parents in crowded places in a moment of distraction.
  3. Dating sites and social media. Males try to win their trust, meet women, and drop them in ‘secure’ houses.
  4. Fake job recruitment.
  5. Homeless children are being abducted.
  6. Orphanages are often involved in supplying children.
  7. In poor countries, the pick-up guy can be anyone. Your uncle, brother in law, the neighbour. It can also be women!


The business model for human trafficking.

The money in this industry is at astronomic levels.

  1. Underage virgins are sold for $100.000 – $500.000 in auctions (live or internet) and are often killed and dumped right after. This option is for very rich people who care nothing about other people. To them, it is power and money. Virgins are often sold for half a million dollars.
  2. Women are sold into prostitution.
  3. Children are sold to the porn industry. You can pay to watch children being molested and killed online!
  4. Children are sold for illegal adoption.
  5. CEOs and rich people are kidnapped for ransom but this is rare and often used in African countries. A lot of athletes and football stars are from Africa and kidnapping their relatives and family is actually practised.


Who is the typical trafficker?

It is really hard to tell who the typical trafficker is. There are different kinds of traffickers. They look just like you and me. But they carry a secret. They can’t talk openly about what they are doing. It can be anyone. Even anyone close to you.

  1. The Pickup. The trafficker Pickup is the people (men as well as women) who lure or snatch the victims. Often in a car or a motorcycle to be able to get away fast.
  2. The transporter. The transporter makes sure the victim is transported to a secure location. Sometimes the Pickup and the transporter are the same or they work closely together.
  3. The guards. The Guards take care that the girls don’t escape from the safe houses and brothels.
  4. The bosses. The bosses are orchestrating everything often from the shadows. They are the ones that make the most money.


A Real Man Defends Women and Children with his Life!

I made up my mind the day one of the girls tried to escape but was found by dogs less than an hour later. We were located in Albania in the middle of absofuckinglutely nowhere, so there wasn’t really anywhere to go. To set an example they threw her on a table in the basement in this godforsaken country house where we were locked up.

Two men held her arms and they raped her with metal pipes and beat her up while she cried and begged for her life and the rest of us were forced to watch while they took turns in raping her. I can’t imagine in a hundred years how humiliating and how painful this must have been and it broke my heart in a way that made me so furious and angry that I swore I would kill every single one of them in the most painful way I could find!

These men were not humans to me anymore. Even calling them scumbags would be too nice. At this point, I realized that begging for your life is futile. These guys simply take what they want no matter the consequence. So I figured this was the ‘language’ I had to use to ‘communicate’ with them.

Trafficked, raped and tortured

In other words, I would simply take what I want from them and besides my freedom, it would probably also include their lives!!! At that moment I realized they couldn’t let us live to talk! One way or the other this was Death Avenue or slavery! And at this moment I stopped being an addict! No more drugs for me. No more feeling sorry for myself for having a tough life. No more excuses for not being fully responsible for my own life. No more sleepwalking through life and just letting things happen to me, that confirmed I was a victim and entitled to my pain.

The chains that tied me to my past vanished like a fog on the moor when the sun rises. I realized in this golden moment that I was NOT my past! It was gone and only held me back because I wouldn’t let it go. I wasn’t ready. Until now! I woke up from a dull, dizzy, foggy life in self-inflicted pain. This moment was a full and complete STOP!

As they were raping Valeriya I felt my power coming back. The power I gave away to be able to maintain a powerless victimized existence as a junkie came back like a tsunami and I felt stronger than I have ever felt in my entire life! The more they raped her and the more they humiliated her the stronger I became and the harder I would let my anger hit these scumbags and would crush them like tiny ants. These assholes were already dead. They just hadn’t realized it yet!

Girls – Don’t do this at home. It is dangerous!

I made a plan! There were always at least three men in the house to guard the place, but they were eight in total. The others were usually in town or moving girls around so customers got new ‘merchandise’ regularly.

I didn’t have to wait long. The very next day we were – as usual alone with only three guards, and I started to scream. Valeriya was lying on a gross mattress barely alive and we took turns in holding her hand, wiping the blood off her, and keeping her clean. The girls were shit scared but I wouldn’t involve them in anything until after the guards were down.

I was scared too but I had to look past that. I waited until I knew they were only two – sometimes one of them went out to take a piss or smoke or get something from the car which would make it easier for me. I remember I shouted while hammering the metal pipe into the staircase: “Come down here you mother fucking rapists!” And two of them did. The third was in the car and didn’t hear anything. They were always armed but they had their guns in their belt – centre stomach. Not in a holster which would make it easy to take one of them.

Stop Trafficking

I continued shouting like hell and began to hit the first man who approached me – and approach was exactly what I wanted him to do because that would make close contact so much easier.

He grabbed my left arm and pulled me towards him – I could not have asked for a better move and my right leg accelerated to at least 200 miles per hour before my knee hit him like a runaway train and turned his balls into mashed potatoes! Until this point, I was terrified by fear but the moment my knee made contact with his balls, a feeling of success and determination filled my body and I just knew I could do this!

He didn’t say a word. His eyes turned totally white and right before he went down on his knees I grabbed his gun in his belt with my right hand, turned the safety off, and immediately shot his friend who probably never saw what hit him, in his chest.

Then I pointed the gun at the head of the sucker that now looked like he would beg for his miserable life if he was able to speak. I simply fired the gun – execution-style and he left this horrible world in a hurry.

Lucky him. I would seriously have liked to have had the opportunity to cut his balls off while he was still alive.

Of course, the shots alarmed the guy who was outside and he came running in fast, but I was prepared.

I simply put the metal pipe through the railing and he tumbled down the stairs headfirst. He was surprised and hurt himself while falling, but he was not down yet. Lying on the floor he tried to pull his gun but alas… I had two guns now and I emptied both mags into his rotten body. A hell of a noise but I was furiously mad and totally blinded by hate – which made it very easy to whack him. I never thought I would like to kill another human, but I have to admit I enjoyed this immensely!

I felt totally on top of the situation as if it was a movie I was watching and everything was following a script. The anger made me sharp, clear, and calm all at the same time. Anger can be very useful and I sure as hell was NOT going to be a victim anymore! Not ever!

The girls were totally surprised by this role change. All of a sudden we were in charge!

We grabbed all the weapons, ammo, food, and clothes we could find, took the van, and simply drove away. This is where my plan ended. I didn’t know this country at all so now we had to improvise.

Luckily there was a map in the car and we went to Tirana which took an hour or so. Wouldn’t trust the local police after this. I’m pretty sure they were paid to be cooperative and silent.

Vlore Albania

So shortly after arriving, I found a bar – thought it would be smarter to ask some locals for a place to lie low, than just checking in to some random hotel.

10 girls like us would look rather suspicious doing that.

The girl in the bar looked trustworthy so I told her directly what brought us here, asked her if she knew a place and then I just watched her reaction to see if she was on our side. She looked terrified but she knew that these things happened here.

We ‘connected’ immediately and I felt I could trust her. Her name was Agnesa and she gave us some addresses – we had to split up into smaller groups.

Besides my past, I think we left quite a statement in that house in the mountains!

Only a few hours later my lovely sisters found me and we set out to flatten the rest of this dirty business, but that’s another story!

Trinity Sisters Dirty Business Stop Trafficking

If you ever heard about Jack Reacher you should meet his sister!

Just like Jack, Debra is merciless in her pursuit of truth and justice. Both Jack and Debra are loners, but Deb needs to find her lost family. And being in the way of a determined woman proves fatal for mafias, trafficking rings and a few Government officials.

This is the story about Debra trying to find her sisters, one of them lost in trafficking. And there is a lot of cleaning to do. An Albanian trafficking ring, the Serbian mafia and even Fuckingham Palace are in danger when Deb goes hunting.

What They Say:

“The best book ever! I was very happy to have the honour of doing the preface!”

Dave Snyper
Dont Fuck With Daddy

As a former soldier I am impressed by Debra’s story. I read the entire book in 3 hours just to start all over an read it again!

Glenn Miller

I was mesmerized and properly educated. Dirty Business is the most capturing book I have read.


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